Maternity leave

I’ve been on official maternity leave for four weeks now. Before that, I was signed off work by a doctor for back pain, so actually I haven’t really done a great deal of work since September. It’s been great in some ways, but not so great in others…

Pro: You’re not technically off ‘sick’ so you can feel free to do whatever you fancy… when I was signed off, I felt like I had to hide away at home in case someone from work saw me and I didn’t look ill enough to be off. But maternity leave is great, you can go out as much as you like and no one will question the reason you’re not at work because you look like you have a basketball shoved up your t-shirt.

Con: Everyone else is at work… so, those coffee dates and lunches I was imagining? Not exactly happening frequently. Get used to staying at home watching TV on your own, and wondering if your colleagues have forgotten who you are (I’m lucky enough that my sister works sporadically, my mum is retired and my dad works from home a lot, so I’ve had company a lot of the time!). Although towards the end, you end up hating people a lot of the time so it’s probably a good thing I’m frequently alone. I currently want to kill my husband at least three times a day, mostly for how loudly he eats. I’m blaming the hormones and keeping myself away from sharp objects.

Pro: I finished earlier than planned because of my health issues, so I’ve had plenty of time to get stuff done around the house… Baby’s washing, setting up her room, cleaning the house…

Con: By the time you hit 38/39 weeks, you’ll be so heavy and big that you won’t easily be able to do all the chores, so your house will look like a student hovel by the time your baby actually comes… Seriously, I tried to clean the bath yesterday and my goodness it was NOT an easy task. Climbing into the tub, bending and wiping… I was so out of breath by the time I finished that I needed a nap. Which reminds me…

Pro: Nap time!… By this point in pregnancy, you won’t be sleeping well. If at all. I sleep better now than I was doing a few weeks ago, but I still have to get up to pee at least twice in the night, and rolling over in bed without fully waking up, sitting up and turning my humungous self around is a distant memory. So those naps came in handy.

Con: It’s just as well naps are free, because this is the start of a downwards slope in terms of how much money you will have available to you. Trying to save for those last few weeks where I won’t be receiving a great deal of money, while trying to take advantage of being off work, is a logistical minefield.

Pro: I’m not at work… I’m gonna leave this one here as basically it’s the best thing ever. I get to laugh at all the people on a Sunday night who are contemplating the week ahead, and I get to roll over in the morning when my husbands alarm goes off and he gets out of bed (although admittedly by morning my hips usually hurt so much from lying down that I admit defeat and get up anyway…).


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