May Favourites

It’s that time again! I love reading back over Favourites blogs and remembering things I was so into… My favourite thing over the last week or so has been the weather and the half term holiday. As a teacher, I’ve been lucky enough that with holidays and bank holiday I’ve literally worked 19 days this month! So lucky!

Image result for line of duty

To kick off the actual favourites, though, is a TV show that me and the husband have been obsessing over: Line of Duty. We absolutely love this show and have been known to watch 5 episodes back to back. If you like the BBC’s Silent Witness, then you’ll love this. It’s funny but gripping and really makes you think – I have to ban myself from looking at my phone while this is on otherwise I miss chunks and then spend the next half an hour wondering what’s going on!

Second favourite is this beauty of a song. I cannot listen to this enough. If it comes on the radio, I crank it right up. I sing it at home (I don’t know half of the words obviously) and I’ve even made a Spotify radio station based on it. It just reminds me of holidays, of chilling out in a sparkling blue pool with a cold drink and hearing those Europop songs playing in the background in the bar… 😍

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.25.38.png

I’ve also been loving these this month. The weather has turned and it’s time to break out the cool travel cups! My quick, go-to recipe is as follows: 1tsp instant coffee, 1tsp brown sugar, 4 ice cubes and a cup of milk. Blend in a decent blender and you’re good to go!


I re-purchased this this month and have remembered why it was a constant favourite a while back. It smells good, it makes my hair so soft and it protects it from heat when I curl or straighten. Not much more to say, except that when Superdrug has an offer on and it’s reduced from £9.99 to 2 for £5, why wouldn’t you go for it?!


My final favourite for the month of May has been my collection of NYX lip products. I’m mourning the loss of a Lip Lingerie which has gone mysteriously missing, but I’m loving the ones I still have (and anticipate buying more in the very near future!). My current favourite is probably Abu Dhabi, but as the summer goes on I’m sure the others will all get a look in!

And that wraps up this month! What are you loving right now?


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