Summer is coming

It seems I’m back… It’s that time of year where for most teachers, the workload starts to wind down and we can start to breathe. And for me that means more time to write, if I’m lucky! It also means that summer is on it’s way, and that’s always the time of year when I feel most like myself again. It’s been a long time coming it seems, and I’m not just talking about the fact that we haven’t had a decent day of sunshine since about 2015… Whatever happened to Global Warming (not that I’m complaining!)!?

When I write something down, I tend to stick to it more often than if I just think about doing something (present me is very good at making promises that future me is less diligent at keeping. Case in point: Friday night me promising that yes, I will indeed get up at 7am tomorrow and go swimming. Saturday morning me: Wakes up, rolls eyes and switches off alarm, rolls over and goes back to sleep. Or, as happened yesterday: Gets up and eats biscuits instead).

But I do think I need to do a bit more exercise. I’m not feeling at my healthiest at the moment (with good reason!) but I would like to change this. So I want to do some form of exercise 4 days per week, probably walking, swimming or Body Balance. 30 mins each time, starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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