I’ve been collecting empty packaging for a couple of weeks now so that must mean it’s time for an ’empties’ review!

  1. TRESemmé ‘Volume and Lift’ shampoo… I love this! I have had problems in the past where my hair has become clogged and greasy and I’ve never managed to figure out what causes it. But (touch wood!) I’ve never had that problem while I’ve been using this product! I bought this back in August and it’s lasted me since then because I always get the huge 900ml bottle (tip; it’s almost always on sale in B&M for like £3). I’ve replaced it with the L’Oréal Elvive Smooth Intense shampoo, because it was given to me by my sister to try, but I will definitely buy the TRESemmé again, even though as a French teacher I HATE the name. Apparently it comes from the French ‘très aimé’ (well-liked), but COME ON it’s spelt all wrong.
  2. Soap & Glory ‘Clean on Me’ shower gel… Again, love this. I love the smell and the big bottle with the pump feels so high-end and luxurious! The smell isn’t too sweet (I do love a sweet smell but this was a nice change!) and it really sticks around – my bathroom and towel smelt like this for hours after I showered, and I could smell the scent on my skin when I went to bed! I’ve replaced this with The Body Shop ‘Chocomania’ shower cream, which I do like and always have, but… it’s just not measuring up to the Soap and Glory. If anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, here’s your hint.
  3. Victoria’s Secret ‘Pure Seduction’ fragrance mist… I am obsessed with VS sprays. I have been for about three years now, although I do admit to preferring the old-style packaging. In my old job I was well-known for making our office smell nice! I’ve replaced this one with ‘Rush’ from the same range, which is a new one for me. I love the ‘Mango Temptation’ and the ‘Coconut Passion’ in the summer, and I love that so many brands are bringing out these incredible-smelling scents now. I bought the Hawaiian Tropic versions this summer and loved them too – one smells like Piña Colada and I can’t get enough of it… although I’ve packed it away for use next summer because it feels wrong in the middle of winter 😂
  4. L’Oréal ‘Sublime Bronze’ summer glow lotion in ‘light tan’… This was… OK. It smelt weird, like flowers, and until I’d used it for like a month, didn’t seem to have any effect. I don’t think I’d buy it again but then again I haven’t found a daily self-tan moisturiser which does a decent job so who knows 😕 If anyone can recommend one then please do let me know! I’ve replaced it with Garnier’s Summer Body gradual tan moisturiser, which does give more of a colour but is drawn to my dry skin and so at the moment I have rather orange kneecaps.
  5. Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze self-tan dry mist spray in ‘medium’…                              I’m still on the quest to find the best dry mist tan. This ranks behind St Moritz (read about my fake tan preferences here) and Amber Solaire, but ahead of Bondi Sands. It’s just not pigmented enough for me. I accidentally bought two of these so I’m still ploughing through the second can, but I already can’t wait for it to be empty so that I can re-purchase my trusty St Moritz!
  6. MUA Extreme felt eyeliner… I loved this and I’m mourning the fact that when I went to re-purchase, it seems to have been discontinued! I wasn’t sure to begin with, as it seemed to dry out, but then I discovered that if you store it with the nib downwards it is absolutely fantastic. It stays on all day and is so easy to apply. I replaced it with MUA Matte Black Liquid Eyeliner, which seemed to me the closest product available in my local Superdrug, but I hate it already. It’s so gloopy. The brush is difficult to angle and it gets into my eyelashes and its a PIG to get off. My camomile eye makeup remover from the Body Shop won’t even shift it. It also sort of peels off if you rub your eye, which is an interesting look.
  7. The Body Shop ‘Born Lippy’ toffee lip balm… I bought this on a whim because I was in the Body Shop and had dry lips, and didn’t like it to begin with. It’s quite a thick consistency and it does have a slightly brown tint, but after a few uses I learned to love it! I have to be careful with lip products as I’m allergic to some – they make my lips swell up and feel really sensitive – but the Body Shop is always my go-to. I love the formula of the lip balm pots, but I hate having to stick my finger into them. I did replace this with one of the pots though, the ‘Passionberry’ one, which smells incredible. It’s like Ribena. And the formula is beautiful! So I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to getting sticky fingers…

That’s all for now!


One thought on “Empties

  1. […] I really liked the smell of this, it smelt so luxurious, like a warm hug! I’m not a fan of foamy body washes, because (and I don’t know if this is just all in my head…) I feel like they are more drying than normal gel or cream washes. Someone also told me that they contain more nasty chemicals, to make them foam up. Again, no idea if that’s true but I probably won’t purchase this again. I’ve replaced it with the Soap and Glory shower cream I mentioned in my last Empties blog! […]


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