October Favourites

Another month has passed and Autumn is definitely here! This is one of my favourite times of year… beautiful leaves, crisp skies, Ugg boots, pumpkin Spice lattes…

Anyway. Time for another favourites blog 😊

My first favourite thing in October is actually from September… August… July… I’ve developed a weird obsession with crumpets lately and can’t stop eating them. I’ve never discovered anything that I’m happy to eat every single day of the week and not get bored, until now! I’m not sure how healthy it is to eat two of these EVERY SINGLE DAY but I’m also not sure I care.

Continuing the food theme, for the last three weeks I’ve been enjoying making home-made soups. I make a big batch on a Sunday and (try to) have it for lunch at school a couple of times during the week. I’ve tried a few different recipes and I’m looking forward to learning more about flavours and seasoning 😊

My third favourite was bought completely on a whim and was totally worth the £3.99 I paid! I was shamelessly buying cheap snacks from B&M and came across the home aisle. Obviously I started smelling all of the candles (standard) and found a Woodland Wick French Vanilla candle… oh my goodness. I mean it’s obviously a bit of a rip-off of WoodWick (which are also amazing) but still. This made my living room smell amazing even before I lit it!

I’m really not into music. I rarely get excited about a band, I’m more of a one-song girl. I joke that I never like more than one song from anyone, but I had a moment during this month where I listened to one band’s Spotify over and over and over… drumroll please for Box of Light! This reminds me a bit of Frou Frou, with a more rocky edge and a kickass lead singer. I only wish they had more songs for me to listen to!

My final favourite of this month is a store. I discovered HomeSense via Youtube, and now whenever I see a TKMaxx I can’t resist having a look. I don’t even have to buy anything to massively enjoy a trip there. Everything is just so beautiful! I love how unique things are too – I know if I buy things from HomeSense then no one else will have the same thing, and although it isn’t the cheapest store, the discounts are pretty good.

And that rounds up my current favourite things for this month! I’m so excited for Christmas already and I can’t believe I’m in my second half-term at my new job.

Enjoy autumn and try a pumpkin spice latte! 🎃🌰🍁🍂


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