Monday Monday (or, a day in the life of a crazy teacher)

Today was the first day back at work after a two-week half-term break, which was sooooo nice. I’ve never had two weeks in October before, but because I now work at a city school the holidays are slightly different – we get less time at Christmas and in the summer I think. But to be honest the last half-term at work has been so stressful I needed those two weeks, even if one of them was spent working (but that’s a blog for another time!)

My form group were, well, on form, this morning, and they entertained me for twenty minutes talking mainly about clowns murdering people (‘I’m sure if that had actually happened, it would have been on the news,’ ‘NO IT WAS ON THE NEWS I SWEAR IT’S TRUE MADAM’), use-by versus sell-by dates (‘those tramps who buy stuff from the reduced section are all eating mouldy food’ ‘no they aren’t you turnip it’s not out of date it’s just not its best’) and the pros and cons of adding milk to powdered hot chocolate (I don’t need to explain this one but I did learn that apparently ASDA sell a can of chocolate that heats up when you open it).

We had a staff briefing before school, a faculty meeting at lunch and a whole-staff meeting after work. The blessing was that all of these meetings were short, but still, I’m sure if we all played by union rules this shouldn’t be happening. The difference between my old job and my new is that, in my old job, these meetings would have been pointless and never-ending, but where I work now, all of them were important and necessary and you can tell that the people holding the meetings are trying their best to be concise and stick to the point. All of the meetings which I’ve attended so far have given me something to think about, some have given me more work to do but some have given me ideas to use in teaching, ways to do things differently and better.

Anyway. I’ve been obsessed with making soup lately, which is probably going to feature in my monthly favourites blog and also probably have its own blog at some point, but I took some round for my grandparents after school. This served many purposes:

  1. I got to see my grandparents and get a hug from my grandma, which is always nice 😊
  2. I get some feedback on my latest soup. My grandma is a great cook so she will be able to tell me what to do to improve the recipe!
  3. I earn serious grandchild points. I’m one of six grandchildren (and two great-grandchildren) so I need to work on this.

I noticed I was low on petrol so I filled up on my way home (and bought a Red Bull; tonight was going to be a long one), then reheated leftover pizza for my dinner. I know, I’m so domesticated. Show me a teacher who cooks from scratch on a Monday night and I’ll show you a freak of nature.

Then we got hit by wave after wave of adorable dressed-up Halloween trick-or-treaters. We don’t go all out for Halloween, but we always make sure we have the obligatory pumpkins carved outside the door, and a bowl full of sweets to hand out. We actually almost ran out this year (etiquette question here – should I allow the child to take their own sweets from the bowl? My mother taught me to offer the bowl but so many were taking handfuls of sweets I had to revert to dropping individual sweets into their bags!) so next year I think we need to be even more prepared!

Anyway, I’ve just finished my hot chocolate and my eyes are barely staying open, so I’m going to end this blog right here and get myself ready for bed, and another long day tomorrow. I’m preparing to hold a meeting for all of the parents of students involved in our school’s French exchange, which I am running this year… I’ve never led a trip before, or held a parents meeting, so this should be extremely interesting/terrifying…

I hope everyone’s Monday’s have been great!


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