Mini Meadow-haul!

Today’s blog is one of my favourite kinds to read, as well as write… a shopping haul!

I took advantage of having a random half-term holiday which didn’t match up with many other schools’ holidays, to head to Meadowhall Shopping Centre for the morning last Friday. It was so nice not to have to fight through crowds, which is normally the way that most of my shopping experiences end up (#teacherproblems), and I thought I would show you some of the goodies I picked up!

I was only there for a couple of hours, partly because I didn’t want to spend too much, but partly because I was with my husband, who, isn’t a massive fan of shopping. He’s very patient, especially since I am a browser and will sometimes spend an hour looking in a shop only to walk out empty-handed, much to his (well-hidden) displeasure.

For me, the joy of shopping isn’t always in the buying. Purchasing something is like an added bonus, and some shops will bring me a whole lot of joy just by being inside. Seeing what the other shoppers are buying, what they are wearing, what the store smells like (seriously you may not have noticed but certain shops smell amazing. Victoria’s Secret, for example – the store smells phenomenal but I’ve heard from a friend of a friend that they spritz every clothing item with the signature scent before they ship them to stores. Genius) and how things are displayed. Some people will never really get this, but others will go YES! Shopping!

Anyway, I digress.

My first (and largest) purchase was from ALDO, and it is this beautiful backpack-style bag.


ALDO ‘Foundation’ backpack

I’ve been lusting after something like this ever since watching this video by Inthefrow on Youtube (side note, I LOVE THIS WOMAN. She is classy, sweet and absolute wardrobe goals, and her ‘Luxury Look for Less’ videos are so good!). I didn’t think I would be into backpacks but hello, how beautiful is this one? It’s not real leather, but I’m not too fussed about that because although I do own leather bags and shoes, I prefer to buy synthetic when I can for ethical reasons. It’s a textured faux-leather, which I think looks so luxurious compared to smoother leather products. It’s also likely to wear better than a smoother finish 👌🏼 (this bodes well for me, the clumsiest person you will ever meet). Finished off with gold hardware (and an added fluffy pom-pom keychain), it’s the perfect winter bag and I can’t wait to use it all the time!

I was lucky enough to find this on sale. You can buy it here, reduced from £50 to £25 (they are low on stock so be quick!)

My second purchase was this cute pineapple picture, from Primark.


I LOVE pineapples. Not necessarily eating them (I had plenty when we were abroad this summer though, thanks to our friend who was literally obsessed and would eat them for every meal. In fact I’m pretty sure he did eat them for every meal), but the smell, the way they look and how darn cute they are on any and every product 🍍🍍🍍. So I just couldn’t resist this absolutely adorable canvas from Primark. It has a cute patterned background in cream and grey, with a muted pastel-toned pineapple outlined in a gold foil. My room is currently a mishmash of gold, copper, bronze, white, cream and marble. With random pink cushions. I just can’t help wanting to buy so much stuff and when I get it home it just doesn’t really go together… interior designer I apparently am not. But this is lovely, and really brightens up my view while I’m working. I guess I’ll eventually get it hung properly, but since I am also no good at DIY, I’ll leave that for my dad next time I see him 😊

You can’t buy Primark products online, apparently (you’re missing a trick there, Primark!) but you can see the details of this lovely piece here.

I also bought a few bits and pieces from Primark while I was in there, but nothing exciting enough to warrant a feature here (I mean unless you want a photo of the makeup removing wipes which I bought for my classroom to remove the orange-tinted foundation that most of my y9 tutor group insist on wearing…).

My final purchase of the day was in Victoria’s Secret. I am obsessed with this shop, and I think I will be having a large trip here when they have their Winter sale just after Christmas. Honestly, I could spend a fortune in there if I’m not careful. For today though, I limited myself to a couple of beautiful-smelling treats 😊


I am a creature of habit, and I would normally take advantage of their ‘buy 3 scents for £24’ offer (apart from that one time where somehow seven ended up in my basket), but I didn’t really want to spend that much today. One product cost £14, and two cost £18, so that was a no-brainer. It took all of my willpower to stop at two though. You have no idea. I also went out of my comfort zone and picked up a new scent; I normally go for Pure Seduction in the winter time, and Coconut Passion in the summer. But I spent some time browsing the testers (husband was otherwise occupied looking at coats in another store 😂) and decided to go for this one. I’m not sure how to describe it, other than beautiful. I really wanted a body wash in this scent, but after searching both displays and asking an overly-helpful salesgirl (seriously, they must have some kind of prize for who can help the most customers, because they were seriously fighting over who helped me. And telling me every two minutes what their names are, so that when the girl at the sales desk asked if anyone had helped me today, I had answered with Ellie and Emily before I even knew what had happened), I had to accept defeat and buy the hand and body cream instead. This will probably go in my drawer at work to replace the almost empty tube of almond oil I’m currently using.

You can browse the full range of mists here – although obviously you can’t smell them 😊 UPDATE: They are on offer 2 for £10.95 here! You can thank me later! Not sure of the shipping costs if you buy online but I will DEFINITELY consider this in the future.

And that’s it for my mini Meadow-haul (I definitely enjoyed naming this blog). I hope you enjoyed it, I definitely enjoyed my morning of shopping and I’m really looking forward to using my beautiful new bag 😍 Now off to paint my nails and eat some pizza, because that’s how I roll.


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