Afternoon tea at King Arthur @ Lakeside REVIEW

Guess who’s back… back again…

So it’s school holidays and I have found myself with some time to spare, so I thought I’d write myself a blog post.

I would really like for my blog to be less of an afterthought, a when-I’ve-got-time, forgotten about for months on end until I have nothing more important to do, but that seems to be the reality of a teacher’s life.

Ah well.

Today’s blog is a review of a lovely afternoon spent with my lovely mum on Monday of this week.

I happen to be a big fan of afternoon tea; I think the first time I ever had one was four or five years ago, I think for someone’s birthday celebration, and since then I’ve been hooked.

Something about the little sandwiches, the variety of food and the unlimited tea… what’s not to like?!

I’ve tried many places, near and far, expensive and not-so-expensive, and for the most part, never been disappointed!

This latest experience was something that we spotted on Groupon. A ‘sparkling’ afternoon tea at the King Arthur restaurant at Lakeside, in Nottinghamshire. Normally priced at Β£15.95 pp, the Groupon deal came in at Β£19.99 for two, which was actually cheaper than many afternoon tea options I’ve sampled before.

The Lakeside venue is a beautiful place; the outdoor setting would make a lovely wedding venue and inside is like a beautiful old church, with stained glass windows and old-fashioned polished wood all over. Perfect for an autumn afternoon 😊.

We were served really quickly when we arrived, and (being a vegetarian) I received a special plate full of tiny sandwiches all to myself 🐷… the portion sizes were excellent – if anything there was far too much and I have to admit to being unable to finish the sandwiches and the scones, which is unlike me!

The menu was as follows:

A variety of sandwiches: for my mum (the carnivore) sliced chicken, tuna, egg mayonnaise and cucumber. For me, tomato salad, cucumber and cheese and spring onion.

Perfectly baked cakes: Chocolate sponge, toffee cupcake, carrot cake and a lemon sponge.

All finished off with a fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

Everything was very fresh, and excellently prepared and presented – the only thing which I might have been disappointed in was that the tea and coffee was not unlimited and we did have to pay for a second cup of coffee for my mum.

But, as far as afternoon tea goes, it was one of the best I’ve had (although obviously it doesn’t compare to this lovely afternoon tea which I was lucky enough to be treated to the day before 😊

So, I suppose you could call me a connoisseur of the humble afternoon tea… I certainly enjoy trying new places and revisiting old favourites. To round up this review, have a list of some of my favourite spots to spend a lazy afternoon:

Brown’s Bar and Bistro

The Lace Market Hotel

The Family Tree

The Cavendish Hotel



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