School’s out for summer

It’s Summer!

Monday was the first day of my summer holiday. As you may know, I’m a teacher (haters gonna hate), and I’m not gonna lie, the summer holidays are one BIG perk. I won’t get started on the pros and cons of the job; that’s maybe a blog for another day.

But anyway. It’s 10:30am on Monday as I write this, and instead of being knee-deep in 12-year-olds trying to speak German, I’m chilling at home waiting for my shopping to be delivered and reading a few blogs. Living the dream. My plans for today include a funeral (no one I know particularly well, but I feel like funerals should be absolutely full of people celebrating the life of the person who has passed away), coffee with my BFF and general laziness, but I wanted to write a bit about my plans for the summer, and what I hope to achieve.

  1. The biggest event of the summer is my wedding. I hope it all goes smoothly, that everyone enjoys themselves and we all come back from Antigua having had the holiday of a lifetime, that we won’t forget!
  2. I hope that by September I’m feeling prepared for the new school year. Changing schools is a hell of a task, especially when there are a lot of new staff starting at the same time which means that no one really knows what they are doing. This is also the first year where I haven’t received a timetable before the end of the school year, which makes the super-organised obsessive part of my brain wobble like a jelly.
  3. I hope to take a lot of time to myself, to relax and appreciate the summer. I always feel like it goes by too fast and I pack so much in that I never get chance to really enjoy having such a big chunk of time away from the pressures of work (although of course being a teacher I’m never really away from the pressures of work).
  4. I would like to spend meaningful time with my fiancé (soon to be husband!) and friends. This is fairly self-explanatory.
  5. This one is for after the wedding! I would like to start building up my savings. I’m always out of money by the end of the month, and I need to go back to budgeting and allowing myself the bare minimum to live on for a while. When we’ve paid for the wedding and it’s all over, I should have a bit of spare money to help with that.

That’s it for me for now, my shopping should be arriving any minute and I’m off to get a snack!


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