We are so into Dexter right now. On Tuesday, despite having a wedding dress to fit into in precisely 4 weeks time (week!), I skipped the gym, we fetched chips from the chip shop down the road, and we chilled out on the sofa and watched Dexter. And it felt GOOD.

We watched Game of Thrones first few series and were hooked, so when season 6 came out we watched that religiously every Monday night, thanks to the wonder that is Netflix and the legend that is my dad.

So when GoT finished a few weeks ago, we were lost. We both watch some (not a lot) of TV, but we don’t like the same things usually. I’m into drama, soaps and reality TV. He’s into, well, sports. That’s pretty much it. We used to watch TV together, things like Top Gear, and QI, but neither of those are really around any more (don’t get me started on the abomination which is Top Gear. It isn’t Top Gear), so we’ve been struggling to find anything we agreed on!

I watched the first two episodes of American Horror Story, which was recommended to me by so many people, but although I was kind of intrigued, it was too scary to watch by myself (I’m pretty sure I’ve explained my weird love of horror movies that I can’t actually watch at some point in my blog), so I recruited my lovely fiancé.

We watched two or three episodes and, much to my displeasure, he was not engrossed. He said it made him feel ill. Well that’s a bit of an exaggeration! But onwards and upwards. I had Dexter on my watchlist, so we tried that.

Bingo! We are both really hooked! Dexter reminds me a lot of Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory, and I can relate to him as someone who often completely puts her foot in it/ doesn’t understand other people’s jokes/ feels totally awkward in most social situations (but more about all of those in another blog, maybe). The storyline is much darker and more exciting. You do have to pay attention somewhat (which doesn’t bode well for me), but it’s so interesting that I don’t mind too much. Plus, Florida (where it’s filmed) looks SO NICE. Seriously, I think I want to live there now.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on for long enough, I’m off to see if we can watch some more Dexter! We have 8 seasons to get through, after all! Enjoy Dexter, let me know what you think, and remember Harry’s advice: pretend to be normal and one day, you might be. ✌🏼


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