The Conjuring 2: Film Review (no spoilers!)

At the weekend, my other half and I went to the cinema to see The Conjuring 2. We hadn’t been to the cinema in a while (mainly because of the price – saving for a wedding is tough, man!) and we hadn’t seen a horror movie in a long time either. We used to go a lot more often, because when we were both students and Orange Wednesdays was a thing, we’d get in for about £5 between us!

So I was really excited to go and watch this one. We saw The Conjuring, and while it didn’t really stick in our minds (we were trying to remember the plot on the way there and the only thing I came up with was that it had the people from the film with the creepy doll in it), it didn’t stand out as terrible (Drag Me To Hell still stands out in my mind for all the wrong reasons), so when we looked at what was showing we decided to opt for a good old scary film.

I love horror films. I love the thrill of seeing something scary, and the jumps off my seat and the adrenalin, but I am a big ol’ scaredy cat too. Seriously. When we went to see Paranormal Activity, I cried in the cinema. Not even kidding. I cover my eyes, I look through my fingers and everything makes me jump. Even non-scary things. You might think it’s not worth going to see a horror film, if I spend most of it with my hands in front of my face, but actually I am watching! Just through a teeny tiny gap in my fingers which can be easily closed should things get too scary 😊.

Anyway, I digress. I’m here to review the film for you lovely people, and my what a film it was. I was absolutely gripped from start to finish – to give you an idea, I didn’t go out halfway through for my usual cinema toilet-break, I didn’t eat anything during the film (possibly to do with the fact that I scarfed down a McDonalds in the car before we arrived) and I didn’t look at my phone or watch the whole time we were in there.

The film is unusual to begin with, in that it is set in a council house in North London. I’m used to horror films set in big old farmhouses in rural America, with sprawling land and a basement/ attic combo. Some artistic licence must have been used for this film, because I’m not sure how else a penniless single mother could have afforded a house with so many rooms (including the traditional basement).

I can’t count how many times I jumped out of my skin, literally from moments into the beginning of the film right through to the end. The film’s score was great at building tension, the characters did the clichéd horror film things (going into dark rooms alone, not turning on lights, looking round corners and failing to look over their shoulder) perfectly, and so I spent a good deal of time whispering things like ‘This is NOT COOL. Turn on a light for goodness’ sake!,’ but at the same time all of the characters were likeable.

Ed and Lorraine Warren feature heavily in the film, and the pair of them (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) are really likeable and believable. I’ve read several articles and website pages claiming that the real life Warrens are scaremongers and frauds, but they are not portrayed as such in the film (I suppose the film would be kind of pointless if they were), and I found myself invested in their storyline.

But the real star of the film was the little girl Janet (Madison Wolfe). To play a character so likeable and vulnerable but so terrifyingly creepy at points must have been tough, but she was perfect.

All in all, the storyline was great, the acting was great, the characters were great – although some were absolutely terrifying… just watch out for Lorraine Warren’s dream sequence in her house. I had to watch through my fingers for that one! 😊

I’d give this 5 out of 5 for a great horror movie sequel!


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