Brexit, or no Brexit?

As I write this, it is 8:30pm and the whole country is currently voting about whether or not we should remain in the EU.

Let me start by saying I am #remain all the way. I voted this afternoon (in a pub, yuck) but I am concerned about the future.

I’m concerned, because I look down my Facebook feed and see the amount of people who are voting to leave the EU without knowing the proper facts, simply because they have warped ideas about immigration which are based largely on made-up statistics and the exaggerated claims of tabloid newspapers.

Until today I had not heard a single highly intelligent, well-educated person say that they are #leave, and still among all of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances I know of only two.

I’m concerned because so many people seem to have a ‘grass is greener on the other side’ mentality, and without knowing the facts of what will happen should we leave the EU (which we cannot know), we shouldn’t be so willing to jump ship.

I know there are many arguments, both for and against, but for me there really wasn’t a decision to make. My job depends on people needing to learn European languages (which may well become more likely should we leave), I have been lucky enough to travel a lot in Europe (which may not be so easy) and I have a lot of friends who live abroad. I would like my children, and grandchildren, to have the opportunities that I have had, and I’m worried that if we move to leave the EU, then that might not be possible, or at least will be a lot more difficult.

I’m mostly worried for the unknown though. If we leave, who’s to say what comes next? Will my rights change? Will my life? I don’t know, and no one else seems to know either, which terrifies me and makes me want to shake those people who are voting to leave and ask them if they know what they are doing – because I certainly don’t!

I guess we will all have to wait until tomorrow and find out what the future holds. But I get the feeling that this vote has divided a lot of opinions, and I just hope whatever the outcome, people can accept it and move on with their lives sensibly and in peace.


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