Youtuber favourites

I’ve been a fan of Youtube for just over a year now. It all started when I noticed that an Instagram account which had featured a beautiful bag mentioned that they had posted a video about said beautiful bag on Youtube.

That account was the lovely Velvetgh0st, and she was the first Youtube account that I subscribed to. I spent about three days last year watching every video she has ever made, back to back. I suppose it’s a bit weird, watching videos of someone you don’t know, who is younger than you… my mum always wants to know who these people are. ‘Do you know that girl?’ she’ll ask. No mum, she just posts her life to the internet for thousands of people to watch…

But, ask the students whom I teach what they like to watch, and I can guarantee at least half of the class will reply, not with a TV show or a film franchise, but with a Youtuber. Makeup tutorials, unboxing, hauls, challenges… the list is endless, but here are a few of my favourites. Go have a look – even my fiancé is a Youtube watcher, and I’ve added one of his favourite channels too!

  1. VelvetGh0st. Mentioned above, Gabriella is a 22-year old from Sheffield who lived a normal life in the beginning but now lives the high life. A mixture of designer handbags and weight loss surgery, I secretly want to be her. But she also does the deep stuff too – she suffers with anxiety and when she’s down she’s very honest. I want to give her a hug and tell her everything will be OK!
  2. LeighannSays is a Texan chick who has the CUTEST little doggy with three legs. Watch for the outtakes on most of her videos, and her hilarious commentary and things she doesn’t like.
  3. JustJodes is a cheery, down-to-earth girl who is starting out her Youtube life. She’s makeup goals but still gets starstruck and wide-eyed when companies send her freebies!
  4. EverydayJim is the husband of Youtube star Tanya Burr. These two are couple goals, but Jim is so funny on his vlog channel. Watch out for his reading of ‘fan fiction’ 😂.
  5. KSI is my other half’s choice. Mostly makes videos about playing FIFA but mixes it with hilarious stories, usually featuring his long-suffering mum. Even I enjoy watching every now and then!

So there you go. Watching Youtube is a way of life, and if you want to know what today’s youth is talking about when they aren’t snapchatting or WhatsApping, go visit these 5 to start your Youtube journey! Happy viewing!


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