My evening routine

Firstly, I make no bones about the fact that my last blog was nearly 6 months ago. I told you it would be sporadic. But I want to get back into blogging because I’m not sure that my current career is a life-long one and I want to keep those options open!

Today’s blog is all about routine. I love routine. There’s something so comforting about doing the same thing, at the same time, in the same order. I like order. I have so so many routines; sensible ones, ones designed to keep me punctual, ridiculous ones, superstitious ones… but tonight I’m going to tell you all about my night-time routine.

This happens most nights, in this order. It helps me prepare for sleep and sets me up for the day ahead. It also takes up about an hour of my time each evening, which I’m sure drives my fiancé mad…

Firstly I prepare any lunch/ snacks for work in the morning. This helps me to stay healthy – if I don’t take anything to eat I will inevitably eat whatever biscuits I can find in the staffroom, or worse, head to the canteen for a croissant. And I have a wedding dress to fit into in oh.. eight weeks (EIGHT WEEKS OHMYGOODNESS).

Then I head upstairs to organise clothing for the morning. This keeps me organised, but since me and the OH don’t exactly have synced-up sleeping times (he goes to bed late and gets up as late as he possibly can for work, which starts a good hour after I have to be at my job), it’s much better if I don’t mess around too much in the mornings.

After this it’s time for my ‘beauty’ regime. First step is to wash my face. I know every beauty guru advises against face wipes but I’ve been using them for years and they are too convenient to stop. I use Johnson’s face wipes for dry skin, even though my skin is far from dry. But that’s a story for another day!

Brushing my teeth with Amour Noir tooth polish is the next step. I bought this at the end of last month and haven’t been impressed with it to be honest – my teeth look very similar to before I started using it, so I don’t think it’s had any sort of whitening effect. But it does make my teeth feel clean, and I did spend £15 on the tin so I plan to use it til it’s gone. I won’t be repurchasing though!

Next step is to tan! I have tried many tans, and my current favourite is the St Moritz instant self-tanning mist. It smells nice, it goes on evenly and it lasts a while. I normally just tan my face at night (my pillow is brown, yes, I’m ashamed).

After the tan it’s time to put on my pjs and jump into bed. I like to read for a while before sleeping and I’m currently reading Harry Potter et l’école des sorciers, and ‘The Sunrise’ by Victoria Hislop. I usually have two books on the go! I try not to look at my phone too much last thing before I sleep, otherwise it takes me much longer to fall asleep properly.

After a few minutes of reading and a long day at work, I’m usually falling to sleep, so that is where I will leave this blog. May my return be prolonged and more consistent!


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