This is going to be an interesting and perhaps controversial blog, but that’s the point, and I definitely will not encourage anyone to stop reading now.

I recently watched Ingrid Nilsen’s video about periods. It wasn’t a topic I usually watch videos about, but I love Ingrid and so I’ll watch anything she produces.

There were really two points to the video, and she encouraged those of us who write a blog, or film a vlog, to get involved and spread the messages… so that’s what I’m doing here!

Firstly, women have periods. Period. (get it?! 😂) And a lot of women are embarrassed by that fact. I do it too, when I have to go to the bathroom for anything period-related, I hide whatever I need to take with me, and sneak off like I have a guilty secret to keep. Why? I literally have no idea. I mean, every woman in our staffroom has presumably done this at some point in their lives. And there are two men in our staffroom, both of whom have wives. With whom they have had children, and possibly even seen give birth. What exactly am I hiding? The fact that once a month (if I’m lucky – sometimes it’s more like once every three months then a random two-week long period which doesn’t seem to end) my body does something that is completely natural and normal, and which happens to half of the population of the world?

And more importantly, what kind of example am I setting for the young girls I work with? Teaching them that getting your period is something to be embarrassed about and hide? What a load of rubbish! From now on I will march myself to the toilets, tampon in hand, making it clear that getting your period is completely normal and you should NOT hide it from anyone. I mean, periods suck. We should get treats from the men of the world every time we get ours. Ice cream? Glass of wine? Family-size bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk? Yes please. And make it snappy.

The second point of Ingrid’s video was equally important in a different way. She was working with a company called Conscious Period (find them here), to highlight the issues facing homeless women all over the world. I mean, getting your period is bad when you have a roof over your head, easy access to the products you need, and a clean bathroom to use. I can’t imagine how awful it would be to go through that every month without those things.

So, Conscious Period is a manufacturer of tampons and sanitary towels that are not only completely organic (did you know there is no official regulation of what companies can put into tampons? This shocked me almost as much as the fact that they are classed as a ‘luxury’ product. It’s disgusting that women have to pay over the odds for something that is potentially harmful), but also socially conscious; they donate one box of sanitary towels to a homeless shelter every time you purchase a box.

So, if you do one thing differently next time you get your period, make sure that you walk to the bathroom with your tampon held high (well maybe not high, that’s a bit weird). And woe betide anyone who gets in your way!

… and if you do two things differently, buy from Conscious Period. If they shipped to the UK, I definitely would! So please, if there is anyone from the company reading this, consider worldwide shipping! There are brands of organic tampon in the UK, but none that have the double whammy of being socially conscious too. Definite gap in the market there!


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