Just another manic Tuesday

I had to work late tonight, we had year 9 options evening which went on until 8pm. Ugh. So, tonight’s blog is a quick one as I’m so tired.

I am so pleased so many people enjoyed my blog yesterday about the Body Shop – who knew I wasn’t the only one who thinks it’s awesome!

I’m really enjoying blogging and, although sometimes it’s hard to find time to write, there really is nothing I’d rather do. I’ve always loved writing, and it’s so good to have an outlet – something which I can focus on, some time to myself where I can forget about the rest of the world and think about something I’m interested in for a while.

If anyone knows of any websites or magazines that are looking for new writers, please let me know. I want to develop my writing so that maybe one day I can make a career out of it. It’s pipe dream at the moment and there is so much else going on in my life that it’s something I can’t really focus on, but it’s a dream nonetheless!

Ciao for now, I’m off to watch Silent Witness in my pyjamas and eat some well-deserved chocolates, before I collapse into bed after an extremely long day!


4 thoughts on “Just another manic Tuesday

  1. I’m a bit stuck for things to write about too! May just go shopping though to hit two birds with one stone aha I’ll get some necessary beauty stuff and I’ll be able to blog lots about it all 😀


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