The Body Shop favourites

I’ve been a fan of the Body Shop ever since I was a young child. I used to go in every time I went to town with my friends, just to smell all of the soaps in different shapes. Does anyone else remember those? They were like polar bears, or dolphins, or elephants, and they all smelt incredible!

When I was a teenager it was all about the banana shampoo and the white musk body spray. I still love the banana shampoo, but my hair doesn’t, which is devastating.

Nowadays I have some absolute beauty favourites which are tried and tested and amazing, not to mention environmentally friendly and not tested on animals, and I am going to share them here with you to spread the joy! (There are a couple I don’t have photos of – I love them so much they are almost empty 😪)

Seaweed clay mask


This bad boy has been my go-to facemask for probably nearly a year now! I first saw Velvetgh0st using it on her channel and decided to try it out. The Body Shop’s seaweed range, if you didn’t know, is designed specifically for people like me with oily skin. I use this once a week and it, in comparison with some other products, has made the world of difference to my once shiny face 🙃 Unfortunately for me and thousands of others, this is starting to get really popular, and it’s been out of stock in my local shop and also on the website for probably a month now 😪 I’ve also recently bought the moisturiser from the seaweed range and I can’t wait to start using that too.


Camomile eye makeup remover


Again, something I’ve used for a long time, ever since I was a teenager. I don’t wear mascara very often, but when I do this is great at taking it off easily and painlessly. My eyes are so sensitive, and this is so gentle. I even once was dared by my friend to drop a drop of this into my actual eye – and I did it. And it didn’t hurt a bit.


Satsuma shower gel

This smells SO GOOD. I don’t really need to say anything else, do I?


Instablur primer


I only started using this a while ago when my L’Oréal nude magique ran out. I don’t wear anything else on my face apart from this unless it’s a special occasion, and this just evens out my complexion and again, stops me from being shiny!


Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

I used to have really bumpy/dry/oily/generally horrible skin, up until I started using this along with the seaweed mask, and these two things, together with daily moisturising, have made such a difference. I highly recommend it for oily skin! I use it three times a week, rather than the advised once weekly, scrub my face in the shower and wash it off. Simple!


Coconut hand gel


Although this isn’t strictly anti-bacterial, it smells incredible and helps me feel a little bit cleaner when I come into contact with hundreds of germ-ridden students on a daily basis. The smell reminds me of summer holidays 🌴☀️


Lipsticks (and lip balms!)


I’m allergic to many lipsticks and lip balms; Lancôme Juicy Tubes, Vaseline… but the body shop is one of my saving graces. My favourites at the moment are the lip balm sticks. I just bought the toffee one, and it’s got a faint brown hint which looks great this time of year. The lipsticks too are very soft, not at all drying and last a reasonably long time.


That’s it for now; let me know what other products I should try out from the Body Shop!


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