A heart-warming tale…

Hello world!

It’s been a few days since my last blog, and that’s down to being super-busy with school stuff.

I just wanted to share with you this little anecdote about an incident on Tuesday afternoon… Remember I mentioned my clumsiness a few blogs ago? Well you’re about to find out the extent… and also my extreme awkwardness.

So after Christmas the times of our school day shifted slightly, and a few students (and staff) were forgetting about this shift. So our Senior Leadership Team (the dreaded SLT) sent out a patronising email and have been patrolling the corridors with angry glares pasted on their faces for anyone who hasn’t got their class in the room with the door shut by 2:01pm.

With this in mind, I set off to prep the room for my lesson 10 minutes before the lesson started (we have to move classrooms at our school because they thoughtfully built the school 2 years ago with insufficient classrooms for the amount of staff), only to see through the window of the room that my y11s were already in the room, sitting at their desks with their pens out. Whaaaat?!

I pushed the door open, arms full of laptop, mark book and handbag, only to find, much to my discomfort, that the glass door was in fact locked, and the class had entered through the other door. Cue a face full of door, in full view of my entire y11 German class. I’m now bruised in several places.

In their defence (or maybe they are just used to my clumsiness after four years of being taught by me), not one of them laughed, and one jumped up straight away to unlock the door and let me in.

Oddly, they were all silent as I entered the room.

“who let you in?”

“no one miss, the door was unlocked so we just came in.”

It was still five minutes before the end of lunch at this point. I couldn’t quite believe that they had just come to lesson early of their own accord. I started to set up and they were all just watching me strangely. Freaked out, I blurted (social awkwardness alert) “What?! Why are you all just staring at me?” This was seriously weird, but I was not prepared for the (admittedly rather confused) answer:

“You’re the teacher, Miss. Where else are we supposed to look?”

I think they genuinely just wanted to come to lesson early. My heart just grew 3 sizes.


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