The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (review)

I haven’t been to the cinema since November, because I’m horrified at how expensive it’s become! When I was a student, my other half and I used to go to the cinema on Orange Wednesdays, and use our student discount, to get in for about £2.50 each. It’s about £10 each now so I don’t often go!

But I’ve read all of the Hunger Games books, and seen the first three films, and so when my sister asked if I wanted to see the final one tonight I agreed. I don’t get to see my sister very often either, and we get on well (now. We didn’t.)

The film was good… not excellent. I’d give it 3 stars. It didn’t keep me hooked all the way through – I actually came out after an hour and bought a coffee because I was so cold (why do they keep the cinema so cold!? And they sell ice cream there!), but at the same time I enjoyed it.

I’m pretty terrible at following films. It drives people (my fiancé) mad that I constantly ask questions, like ‘where are they going?’ ‘who is that guy?’ ‘what just happened?’ but I just find films nowadays to be very confusing. Also I struggle to recognise people. Seriously. I see a film and then I’ll google the main actor and find out that they were in another film I recently saw and I didn’t even notice! So keeping track of characters is something of a problem.

But I thought the ending was good, and I read the book long enough ago that I’d forgotten some of the twists and plot points, which made it surprising enough! I’m now going back to read the books over again!


3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (review)

  1. Questions being asked in the middle of films? every film I have watched with you, you have asked questions. It’s not because the films are complicated, it’s because you think about too many other things and not the actual film you are watching lol. (Short attention span)


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