The one with a giant space hopper

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.28.01

This morning did not go to plan.

My gym has recently started offering ‘virtual’ classes. It involves a large screen with a projector and some VERY loud music. Minus the instructor, there is very little difference between a regular class and virtual one.

One class on offer is Les Mills Body Balance. Body balance is a mixture of tai-chi, yoga and pilate, with a 15-minute meditation session at the end. I highly recommend it, and not just because it burns around 400 cals an hour! It strengthens core muscles, improves flexibility and balance, and really helps me to forget my problems and feel calmer and more peaceful in myself. What’s not to love?!

Apparently last-night me agreed. I decided, at 10pm, to book a class at 8am, knowing that you have to give 2 hours notice to cancel and so this tactic would force me out of bed and to make the most of my day! It worked, but let me tell you this-morning me really hates last-night me.

I arrived at the gym at 7:50, and headed into the fitness studio. I was the only one there, but that didn’t surprise me.

What did surprise me was when, at 8am, the audio for the class began, the screen came down, but no video.

After me, a personal trainer from the gym and a technician from reception fiddled around for 10 minutes, she managed to turn off the current session – but unfortunately the next one couldn’t be rescheduled until 8:35, and I had a coffee date at 10am, before which I would need to go home and shower…

So the gym apologised profusely and offered me a free PT session there and then. I’ve only ever had two PT sessions – one of which was extremely unpleasant. This morning, unable to say no, I ended up doing all sorts of stretches in front of a mirror… while the bemused early-morning gym-goers looked on. I even used a giant ball that looked like a space hopper. It was seriously exhausting and painful. Why on earth people pay to do this, I have no idea…

Safe to say, I will be avoiding the gym and particularly the PTs, for some time now, for fear of being invited to continue the experience… I mean, I had to go on a trip to Starbucks and have a mince pie and a festive hot chocolate to recover.


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