Instagram rocks my socks (or something)

Today’s post is about Instagram. My Instagram handle is emilyjayneg, if you would like to follow me. You will see, if you do, that I am much more active on Instagram than any other social media. There are a couple of reasons for that, which I aim to share today.

My dad recently said to me that he doesn’t ‘get’ Instagram. That’s OK, dad, you don’t have to get it! The point of the app/ photo-sharing platform is to do just that. Share photos. There are millions upon millions of accounts on Instagram, dedicated to millions of different things. They range from professional photographers who showcase their work, to teenage girls who post photos of them with their friends at gigs. Some accounts are more social than others. Some post still-lives and never show the face of the photographer. Some are selfie-tactic, with image after image of the same face. It’s all OK! Instagram is a place where you can share whatever you want, without fear of being judged. My account is purely for me; which is one reason it is set to private. I rarely turn down a follower, but I also am a teacher in a secondary school who does not like the idea of her students having access to personal photos, which is a shame. I’d love to have an open account but unfortunately that kind of fear comes with the job for me.

So, moving on. Reason number one why I love Instagram: It’s quick and easy. Or rather, as quick and easy as you want to make it! I’m a fan of the whole instant, bang-on-a-filter and go kind of photo, and most of my photos are the work of a couple of seconds. I do like, every now and then, to spend longer making a special photo look great though, and Instagram has some fantastic tools to edit everything about your photo.

Reason number two: I like looking back on all of these moments; because that’s what this app shows – moments, snapshots of your life when you liked something enough to capture and save it. When I’m a mum or grandma, I look forward to showing my children and grandchildren my life, which is something I never had from my parents or grandparents. Sure, there are photos, but they are taken out once in a blue moon and then forgotten about. This is a living memory, and it will always be at my fingertips.

Reason number three is more sociable – as well as keeping my own photos safe, I like to see how others live (even though many accounts, including my own, are somewhat false representations of a person’s life; I mean, who is going to photograph themselves crying because they have had a rough day? Or working into the night because they are so stressed and have so much work to do?), and to follow my favourite brands, celebrities and TV shows. Here are my top 5 accounts of the moment:

Scousebirdproblems is a hilarious account which mocks life in the 21st century, while making me feel better about myself and giving me beauty tips. What’s not to love?

Perfectlylovelyjen is an account belonging to a very classy lady whom I only started following recently. She has the BEST taste in everything (and a very cute baby) and I kind of want to be her.

Theofficialariel is a cosplayer (if you don’t know what that is, google it and be amazed!) who does THE best Disney Princesses and has an awesome sense of humour.

Teacher misery is a hilarious (if massively exaggerated and slightly politically incorrect and offensive) anonymous account run by a teacher who hates their job, apparently. Perhaps a little niche.

BBC_travel is what it sounds like. It’s a travel account showcasing beautiful photos of places around the world, run by the BBC.

So that’s pretty much it for Instagram – there is some debate around about the nature of a lot of posters, and it is important to remember that just because some people post lots of beautiful photos of their lives, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect, or that their life is. Don’t get hung up on following people and wishing that you are like them, because you’re only seeing what they want you to see. Enjoy the photos and enjoy posting your own!

PS the photos above are all taken by me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Instagram rocks my socks (or something)

  1. How rude, I actually meant that I don’t understand how it works. Anywho, it makes sense and perhaps i should start using it to share photographs I take, once I figure out how to use my camera. lol


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