Road trips and expensive handbags

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Good evening friends! I am currently sitting in my PJs watching the Christmas finale of Downton Abbey, and readying myself for the crying which I’m pretty sure is on it’s way. I love Downton and have watched it avidly from the beginning.

Today was a busy one; I went to Bicester Village with two girlfriends, on a bit of a shopping roadtrip. Now, after splashing out yesterday on my new Macbook (read all about that here), I kind of told myself that I wasn’t going to spend any money today. Well, only a little. For some lunch. And maybe a little treat; well, it is Christmas. But oh, my did I break that rule…

Within twenty minutes of arriving (it was hella busy. Like, we had to park in an MoD base ten minutes drive away from the centre and get a shuttle bus. Exciting times) we found the Kate Spade shop. I’m not a massive fan of Kate Spade, but a colleague from work bought a beautiful bag from there around this time last year, and I was keen to see if they had anything similar for a bargain price. I found the most beautiful bag. Ever since Velvetgh0st (here’s her Youtube channel, go watch) showed us her Mulberry Lily, I have been dreaming of a small quilted creamy white handbag, with a long chain strap of my own…

Not wanting to buy something after only 20 minutes of shopping (and certainly not without visiting the other beautiful bag shops!), we headed to Mulberry (no chance! No way I could justify spending that much. And they didn’t have anything similar to the Lily in cream), and then queued for an eternity to get into Michael Kors. We looked around for a while and decided that this particular store only seemed to stock the more garish, hard-to-sell handbags. I was just about to leave, when I spotted exactly what I had been looking for – and at a third of the price of the Lily!

Please welcome my newest pet… the Michael Kors Sloan bag in vanilla ❤


So as you can see, I couldn’t bear to leave this behind… I bought it, and now my inner shopping-beast is contented… hopefully for a very long time, as I can’t afford another month like this one!

A quick side-note though… handbags like this, although I only have a few, are so worth the amount they cost. You only have to pick this up to feel the weight, the softness of the leather and the good quality of the metals. I’m hoping that if I take good care of this, it will last me for a very long time indeed 🙂

*Side note – my Instagram, if you would like to take a look, is emilyjayneg. Most of the pictures I use on my blog are from there, and I post regularly! I’ll be writing about Instagram at some point soon!


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