Christmas haul

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Well hello there world!! It’s been a couple of days since I blogged, simply because I was taking a break and enjoying the holidays, like millions of others around the world. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, like I did 🙂

I wanted to blog about the lovely, thoughtful gifts I received for Christmas this year, but I was in two minds because I didn’t want to come across like I was bragging or boasting; I know only too well that there will be many people around the world who received nothing this Christmas and I don’t want to show off… but then I thought, Christmas is my favourite time of year, for many reasons, and I want to share the joy I feel every year when I get to exchange gifts with my loved ones!

So here is a selection – not necessarily the ones I like the best, but some of the gifts which made me appreciate how well my friends and family know me and how much effort they must have put in to finding special gifts to show me that they care. so, in no particular order…

My most extravagant ‘gift’ this year is the Apple MacBook which I am currently typing away on. I say ‘gift’ because the deposit I paid was from my fiancé, my grandparents and my future mother-in-law combined. The rest of the payments will come out of my wages. So they helped me out to begin with and I’m very pleased they did!

Then, my lovely sister bought me the pretty gold necklace you can see at the top of the picture. But, if you look closely, it isn’t just a necklace… IT’S A HARRY POTTER TIME TURNER!!! It’s from Ashley Jewels and it’s perfect for any Potter-fiends you may have to buy a gift for in the near future!

The mugs in the top right are from a gorgeous friend, I’m not really sure where she got them from but they are so beautiful. The pictures just don’t do them justice. They are creamy china with gold, brown and cream bunnies frolicking on the sides 🙂 I happen to have a pet bunny and love all animals, so they were a very personal and thoughtful gift. Plus, I love tea!

The phone case in the top middle is from John Lewis, designed by Tanamachi Studio. I’ve just started following them on Instagram and they are fab! I can see I’ll be making more purchases from them ASAP. Beautifully designed notepads, prints and many other luxuries! It was a gift from my fab fiancé 🙂

Another Harry Potter-themed gift up next – the colouring book on the bottom right hand is from one of my oldest and best friends, who also loves Potter! We both love colouring, and we both know how important it is to take some down time every now and then and be creative.

The notepad next to it is from my other beautiful best friend. The three of us have been best friends for a very long time, and so both of them know me so well. I love stationery, and pink, and gold, and writing… she also bought me a beautiful candle which smells heavenly.

Last but definitely not least, the water-infusing bottle was an awesome gift from my future mother-in-law. She is so thoughtful and knows how much I like going to the gym and eating and drinking healthily (normally… the past few days have been an exception!) and this will be so good. My future grandparents-in-law (is that even a thing?!) bought me a multipurpose blender which will also be put to good use in the not-too-distant future!

I suppose in a long-winded way, I just wanted to share my good luck in having so many people around me who know me so well and are so thoughtful. As I said there were so many others who also bought me gifts which I loved, these are just a selection of the most interesting (and photogenic!) ones 🙂 Christmas isn’t all about the gifts… but they are certainly a big part of it for me and my family!


3 thoughts on “Christmas haul

  1. Lol, the Harry Potter drawing book needs to be a little more to the right at the bottom. The gaps not straight lol. Ooooh is that just a little OCD??


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