Christmas shopping and good karma



Today has been kind of crazy! I mean, not like yesterday collecting a dishwasher and wearing gym clothes all day crazy, a whole different kind.

I got the tram into town today to do some Christmas shopping (I only broke up yesterday. I only got paid yesterday. There was only so much I could do with no time or money… that’s why teachers generally do their Christmas shopping all in one go, usually the last couple of days before Christmas), but ended up missing the tram because the clock in our kitchen is apparently wrong. Good job I bought excessive amounts of batteries today.

I got off of the tram and was immediately overwhelmed. Surrounded by people with no one to help me, with several thousand gifts to buy… eeek! Deep breath and the thought of a mulled wine with my friends at the end of the morning!

I managed it all, bought myself a sneaky coffee halfway round (see picture) in lovely little coffee shop called 200 degrees and even purchased a new gym top (in the hope I will get back into exercising after Christmas), a travel coffee mug, some jeans and a dress to wear on Christmas day. Feeling rather smug, I headed to meet said friends for a mulled wine, and spent a thoroughly lovely hour putting the world to rights and marvelling at being able to sit outdoors and not feel freezing in December. (Although see my post on Global Warming to find out my true feelings on this subject).

A couple of interesting things happened to me today which I think are worth mentioning; there was a TV crew filming around the city, who seemed to be following me around. They were in John Lewis when I stopped in there. They were in the street I walked down. They were even in the coffee shop I stopped in. So I imagine they were not pleased when the girl with the fluffy bear hat kept appearing in EVERY location they tried to film. I’ll be looking out for myself on all local news from now on.

I also did what I thought was a good deed for the day which turned out to be wholly unappreciated. I passed a man selling the Big Issue magazine a couple of times and thought he looked chilly, so I bought him a latte. He acted as if I was a slow waitress in a café who had taken too long with his order. I’m not sure what I expected but I won’t be buying him another one anytime soon. A thank you would have been nice?!

But I did get some good karma just before I hopped back on the tram to go home; my favourite coffee shop EVER (Starbucks… sorry I know everyone says it’s basic but I just love it) was giving away free drinks every time you bought a gift card, and it just so happened that I was buying THREE gift cards. I did not get three free drinks (who can drink 3 Starbucks in one go?!) but the one free drink I did get was much appreciated, so thank you for that Starbucks!


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