Things I dislike intensely


I took a ride in a white van today, with a real white van man. He was talking about the way he drives, and that made me ponder all of the things which annoy me on a daily basis. So, for your delight (or not, whatever), here they are. My pet peeves, I suppose you would call them.

  1. People who do not indicate. A driving-related one, to start off with. I hate sitting waiting at a junction or a roundabout for that annoyingly slow car to pass, only to see them turn way before you, leaving you sitting there like a moron. AGGGGGHHHHH. I have to be really careful about how I react to these people, especially if I am driving near school. You never know who might be the parent of one of my students.
  2. Smokers who smoke in non-smoking areas. This one doesn’t really need much explanation, aside from adding that I don’t like my clothing to stink of cigarettes, you uncultured peasants.
  3. On the same vein – people who cook really stinky food in out staffroom at work. Onion soup and salmon have been two highlights this term. I get that you want a tasty lunch, but can’t you save it for your kitchen at home??
  4. People who just want attention/ sympathy all of the time. I’m probably the most unsympathetic person in the world, especially if someone else is ill. Even more so when people moan about being ill at work… take a day off if you’re that ill. If you’re not? Shut up about it. Simple.
  5. Non-vegetarian food which isn’t clearly labelled/ described as non-vegetarian. I know, I know, it’s my choice to be vegetarian. I could eat meat if I wanted to. But I don’t. So when I order a tomato and red pepper soup, and it has bacon in, I’m upset. Similarly, if I order cheesy jalapeno wedges and they have bacon on (PIZZA HUT, I’M TALKING TO YOU), I’m upset.
  6. Finally, my own clumsiness. In the space of a minute this morning, I whacked my hand on a cupboard, dropped a bag of flour on the worktop and tripped over my own feet. As I typed this I went to scratch my leg and hit my hand on the desk. I threw a tantrum a few minutes ago because I was trying to stack the recycling in our utility room and the whole thing came crashing down around me. How am I THIS clumsy?

There are many more that I could spend hours writing about, but those were the first few that popped into my head. I hope you enjoyed reading about them – I’m off to have a calming shower now I’ve wound myself up thinking about all of the things that annoy me!

The picture above is of some presents I wrapped for my grandma this afternoon. I gave myself at least 3 papercuts whilst wrapping, and sat on the scissors more than once.


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