Has anyone seen the winter?


My weekends are always jam-packed, whether it’s seeing friends, spending time with my family, or working hard on whatever is asked from us this week at school.

Today I was up at 7am for my Saturday morning swim (sounds grim but actually one of my favourite parts of the weekend. I never thought I’d say this but nothing compares to the peacefulness of a quiet swimming pool and the gentle exercise. I find it helps me clear my head after the week and get ready for the weekend!), then headed into town for some shopping and breakfast, followed by a day working and watching Christmas films with the fam. My other half joined us for dinner and now I’m home in my PJs (common theme; I love PJs and ‘loungewear’) catching up on Once Upon a Time.

All day today I’ve been thinking about this weird mild weather we’ve been having. I’m kind of a traditional girl and as much as I love the summer, I also love the winter. The year I spent living in Germany was probably the best year of weather I have ever had (also one of the most annoying and boring years of my life, but I suppose I’m glad I did it). I love it when it’s hot in summer and really cold and well, wintery, in winter. The photo above was taken on the only day this year where we have had a little real winter weather.

So this weather is dull. Literally and figuratively. Where are the crisp mornings? The icy frosts? The ankle-deep snow and the thick white clouds? In a couple of generations, my grandchildren will be asking me why all the Christmas cards (if they still exist!) have got weird white fluff on all the pictures.

I don’t know much about science; is this mild weather because of climate change? Because if we do get any snow, it seems to get later and later every year. And less and less; I don’t know if it’s my memory exaggerating things but I feel like we used to have a lot more snow when I was young!

I guess if our weather is going to get warmer then there will be benefits; will we all head to Wales for our summer holidays rather than the Greek islands? I’m not too sure about that, but I certainly like a warm summer!

Well this blog post has been a bit of a ramble with no conclusion in sight, so I’m going to stop there and think about this some more. Or maybe I’m just going to peruse Instagram and finish watching OUAT. One or the other.


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