The one with the bunsen burner…


So I’m sitting in my pyjamas watching Text Santa with a cup of tea and the above ^, after a very tiring but fulfilling day! Basically waiting for Downton Abbey to come on (it’s my secret wish to be Lady Mary) but also extremely ready to get into bed.

It’s been a long week and I thought I’d share some of the erm… more interesting goings-on at work.

Wednesday seemed a day like any other, until halfway through my lesson with my y8 class, I happened to glance out of the window to see a troupe of terrified-looking small students straggling past, led by one of our senior leaders. I paused for a moment, but when you are teaching y8, time waits for no man (or woman), and I needed to give young Kieran my full attention before he stabbed Bradley with his number 2 pencil.

When the bell rang for lunchtime, I set up a year 11 girl with a past exam paper, then completed a speaking exam with a year 9 student who had missed her exam due to illness. Then I headed to the staffroom for the last 20 minutes of lunch, where I was brought up-to-speed with the events of the morning.

Year 7 had been doing a fun experiment heating up some kind of metal, to make a powder (I’m seriously terrible at Science so do not ask me to go into any more detail about this). Despite being warned about the potentially toxic fumes which would be produced, should the metal overheat or boil dry, some of them decided to see what would happen anyway. This resulted in the entire Science lab filling quickly with harmful chemical gases.

A quick evacuation happened straightaway, but some of the year 7s got a little hysterical and proceeded to pull out their iPhones, and call their mum, their gran, their cat and AN AMBULANCE, convinced that they were going to die.

The ambulance arrived, and some poor paramedic had to check over 30 hysterical 11-year-olds with no more symptoms of chemical poisoning than me after a good manicure.

Moral of the story? 11-year-olds can’t be trusted with a Bunsen burner? Mobile phones are the cause of waaaaaaay too many problems in school? Science is an accident waiting to happen? Let me know your thoughts.


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