Dipping that toe…


Eeeek! Where to start?! Apologies if you thought I’d died, or drowned under a pile of marking… Life got busy and I was too busy doing to write.

Then I forgot all about my blog. Every so often I thought about it, and thought I should write, but then thought, ‘nah, no one is going to want to read anything after erm… SEVEN MONTHS!’ Oops!

So. The only way to get started again is to write. Probably not anything that anyone will want to read, but I’m hoping that this can be a bit of a new start… I’m hoping also that santa might bring me some money so that I can buy a new laptop with which to blog.

Can anyone recommend a blogging site which allows a bit more customisation? I’d like to have a bit more choice about layout and colour schemes.

Anyway. Today has been interesting… it was a special one-off ‘Aspiration Day,’ meant to inspire students to have some ambition about their future, and to think about where they would like to be in a few years, and how to get there. It made me feel sad, because the career I’m in is no longer my dream career. It was, when I trained, and I thought it would be lifelong, but I can’t honestly see myself staying in teaching for more than a couple more years. I’m just in the process of figuring out what I’d like to do with my life now…

OK, so I’ve dipped a toe back into the water… now to get swimming again! ๐Ÿ™‚


PS enjoy the picture of the fantastic vegetarian rocky road which a lovely colleague made especially for me!


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