Crazy busy week


Phew, this week has been busy! And I mean, crazy busy!

First off, I structure my marking and planning (I’m a teacher) so that planning is done day-by-day, but marking happens in a chunk, every 3 weeks or so. That means that for one week of every month (roughly) I am snowed under and my spare room is hidden under a mountain of books. It also means that I don’t get out much. This week, was that week.

Tuesday was also the AQA GCSE French exam, which my y11 group were sitting and I was invigilating. I have no idea how it went because this is only the second time I have had a y11 class, and I thought the listening section was OK, my students told me that they found the reading section easy enough, but my head of department is in a flap about how difficult they were. I guess we will find out in August one way or the other. I’ll also find out, based on how many of my students pass, whether or not I will get my pay rise at the end of this school year. But that’s a blog for another day as my thoughts on that will not be confined to a paragraph! I was also at school until 6:30pm on Tuesday night for parents evening, which meant that I collapsed on the sofa in a heap afterwards, but still had to drag myself to my desk to do my marking.

Wednesday was smoothie-day. Find out what that meant by clicking on the link. I won’t elaborate.

This week has been pretty good though in terms of diet and exercise – I started my bikini-body diet on Monday, and I slipped up a couple of times but I have lost a couple of lbs, so I’ll be continuing with that next week too. Some of the meals were great – not sure about the avocado and cottage cheese breakfast on Thursday though. I think that may have been better as a lunchtime or afternoon snack.

I’ve also been to the gym every day this week (apart from Tuesday night – no time or energy!) and I have to say it seems to have made a massive difference to my mood! I went through a bit of a tough time at work before Christmas last year, and I was staying at school so late I didn’t have time to exercise. I never connected the feeling miserable with the lack of exercise, but last week again I was pretty busy and didn’t have much motivation to exercise, and my mood last week compared to this week was 100% better!

One more week until we break up for half term, yay!


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