The one with the smoothie (or, how I ended up at a hand car wash in my free period this morning)

Life tip: never think it’s OK to put a smoothie in a cup with the wrong lid, and transport it in a car.

This morning, I made myself THE most delicious smoothie. Here is the recipe, for those who might like to try it. If you have a fancy blender you can just whack it all in together and blend, but I don’t so I have to do it in this order. You’ll need:

4 ice cubes, crushed

6 frozen raspberries

1/2 cup natural yoghurt

1 banana

1/2 cup rolled oats

1tbsp maple syrup

1 cup of coconut water

You can tweak the recipe to suit your taste, I did! I can’t remember where I found this recipe oune but I’ve changed it quite a bit so I’m not too worried about stealing anyone’s recipe!

Start off by blitzing the oats in the blender so they are more of a powdery consistency. I know from experience it’s hard to get oats through a straw if you don’t do this!

Then blend the raspberries.

Then add your banana, your yoghurt, and your coconut water, finishing off with a tbsp of maple syrup just to make it lovely and sweet!

And voilà, a delicious smoothie perfect for breakfast. Not perfect for when you go round a corner in your car, the cup topples over, the lid falls off and your ENTIRE car interior is covered in pink mush. It looked like that time when I was 11 and my grandma gave me too much strawberryade and I threw up at the hairdressers.

Enjoy 🙂
PS. If you have made it to here and are wondering why there is a picture of something that clearly isn’t a smoothie at the top of the page… It’s one of life’s great mysteries. Nah, I just didn’t take a picture of the smoothie so that was my breakfast from Monday instead!


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