In search of the perfect bikini body

So… last week was not a successful one in terms of my diet and fitness. Which as resulted in me spending the weekend encased in baggy jumpers and leggings. I have a serious case of muffin-top, people!

I’m going to try something new next week, which I found online. I will be sticking with my weekend of free-eating… but Monday to Friday, I will be following Lauren Conrad’s bikini boot camp. I mean, look at her. Just look (yes, I spent a good chunk of summer 2013 watching seasons of The Hills back to back with my sister. Yes I have a bit of a girl-crush on Lauren, who I follow on pretty much every social media. Not only does she look AMAZING, but she seems lovely and has incredible taste and style. If following her diet for a month can make me more like her then BRING IT). I have made myself a meal plan, ordered food for delivery tomorrow and I intend on sticking to it!

You can see the full plan by following the link above, but here are the basics:

* it’s a low-carb, high protein diet with lots of fresh fruit, veg and nuts. The meals sound tasty though, not just grilled fish and steamed vegetables! I’ve basically substituted chicken with Quorn for my vegetarian lifestyle 🙂

* Lauren recommends exercise every day. I’ll try to stick this but this is a kind of busy time of year, as any teacher will tell you! So getting to the gym may not be possible every day.

* I also have to do crunches and plank twice a day. I started this a couple of months ago but… *cough cough* anyway.

* No evening snacking… Well this may result in an earlier bedtime, and that can’t be a bad thing!

* This one will be hard. Lauren’s personal trainer recommends drinking 1oz of water per day for every lb you weigh. I won’t go into detail, but that means I’m supposed to drink nearly 4 litres of water a day. I normally manage about 2, on a good day. And dash off to pee every hour or so.

That’s pretty much it. It’s 107 days til my holiday, so I have a while… but only 70 til I will headed to Germany on a school trip where I will be required to get my swimming costume on in front of 40-odd 11-year-olds (and the other staff who will be with us)… eek!

If this works, it will be something I will stick to until I hit my weight goal. If not… well, it will be onto the next idea!

Wish me luck!


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