Diary of a makeup queen

I think I have a serious make up addiction. I may need help. This is the 3rd week in a row that I have been to Superdrug and bought 3 items of makeup. Unfortunately this week the 3 for 2 offer has ended and I did not get a freebie. Or a free make up bag. Disappointing.

The ironic thing is that I don’t even wear it! I decided about a year and a half ago that I was tired of people asking me if I’m ill whenever I stepped out the door without makeup on, and so one day I just stopped. People got used to it after a while. My skin is a million times better, and it takes me half the time to get ready in the morning.

But I am obsessed with watching YouTube vlogs that review beauty products, teach me how to do makeup and give tips to make my hair and skin look nice. I love doing my makeup for nights out, and buying products that people recommend.

But here’s the thing: I get home from these nights out and I cannot WAIT to wipe all of it off and have a face where I can rub my eye without fear of looking like a panda. And I look at pictures of myself and wonder whether I actually look any better with all of that carefully applied cream, powder, and pencil. Whether people notice how long I spent. Why I did it.

But overall, I’m pretty sure that I’ll still go to Superdrug next week and buy another few pieces for my collection 😄


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