2 weeks in the Greek islands vs dubious designer clothing


I’m the kind of person who never has any money. As a teenager, I was always that kid who couldn’t go shopping with her friends, or couldn’t go to the cinema, because I didn’t have any money. This wasn’t because my parents didn’t have any money, or because they were mean, cruel people, who wanted me to suffer, it was because they thought that having nice holidays, and a nice house, and going out as a family, was much more important than designer clothes for teenagers who would outgrow them in a heartbeat.

At the time, I hated them. My sister and I were both guilty of screaming at one or both of our parents ‘But -X-‘s family don’t have as much money as you and they get nice new designer clothes all the time!’ or something to that effect. I don’t think we appreciated having a nice house or holidays (my sister certainly didn’t, she was always asking our parents why we couldn’t go to Butlins like her friends did, instead of having 2 weeks in the Greek islands!), and at the time, I think we would happily have downsized and lived in a 2-bed terrace if it had meant that we got the latest Bench jacket, or Playboy purse.

Thankfully tastes change (dear lord, now I’m imagining me as a 26-year old professional wearing a Bench jacket and carrying around my debit cards and driving licence in a Playboy purse. Cringe). Fast-forward 10 or 15 years to now, and the reason I never have any money… I have a nice house and I go on holidays! I have apparently become my parents. This summer, I will be travelling to Germany with work, and I am planning a trip to Germany for pleasure with my mum, and my fiancé and I have also booked a week in Kos. Next year we will be in Antigua in August for my wedding (that’s so exciting to say, by the way!), and, in the last 3 years I have been to Dubai (an unforgettable holiday in which my fiancé proposed to me!), France, Germany, Menorca and Sri Lanka.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, call me selfish, but when I have children in the not-too-distant future, I will probably keep the same priorities as my parents. Holidays, a nice place to live, and plenty of days out as a family. No Bench jackets, for sure.


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