Food, food and more food

pizza van

Today was the day of the Great British Food Festival, with my BFF Blogginginyour20s (read her blog, it’s basically like mine only she is skinnier and likes rabbits more. She will probably feature in a few of my future blogs as she is a major feature in my life. On a par with pizza).

We headed out early this morning (despite the downpour) and resigned ourselves to the fact that we were probably going to be very damp by the end of the day! But after a soggy sort of half-hour where we took shelter and watched a cooking demonstration, it wasn’t half bad and actually there was some lovely sunshine for an hour or so! Trusty British weather I guess!

I’ll give you a quick run-down of our day:

10:15am – arrive and buy far too much fudge. I’ve never spent £8 on fudge before today. It’s all good though.

11am – watch a Greek cooking demo. She made meatballs and tzatziki – I think I’m gonna have a go at the meatballs but do a vegetarian version. I’m sure I’ll blog my attempt, seeing as things usually go wrong when I try to cook. See this blog to find out why I’m vegetarian – or at least one of the reasons 😉

11:30am – use a portaloo. I’m not going to go into detail, just suffice to say it wasn’t pleasant and never is.

11:45am – in the produce tent. Eat a LOT of cheese. Wine tasting, trying handmade chocolate, being chatted up by a man selling spices… basically seeing how much free stuff we can get.

12:10pm – spot Bessy the Bus (the mobile Oasis store) and spend a few minutes drooling over their summer collection. That bus is SO cute and I’ve found a handbag and a pair of shoes which I’ll be purchasing when I’ve paid off my summer holiday!

12:20pm – decide on pizza for lunch and went to the amazing pizza van you can see in the picture ^. I shared half and half with my dad and mine was wild mushroom and spinach. SO GOOD.

12:45pm – wander round the other stands. Find churros.

1pm – Next produce tent. More free cheese, some beautiful earrings which I am now regretting not buying and some gin.

1:20pm – time for more coffee, and then home time before the next rainstorm hits.

Am now at home, debating whether to eat more of the fudge, or to have a nap before I have to get ready to go out!


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