Melons and McDonalds


When your day starts with half an hour enjoying a coffee in the sunshine (indoors – I love the sunshine but when its 3 degrees outside and your weather app is predicting snow I also love not getting hypothermia) at 7am, you know it’s going to go well.

I had an awesome breakfast (porridge and jam, if you’re wondering) and wandered off to school, where I told the following story. Read it, and decide if you think I’m an idiot.

I sent my other half out on Sunday evening to fetch me a McDonalds (Sunday night is fast-food night in our house), and he came back with a large honeydew melon. I love melon, but when he said ‘I didn’t get McDonalds, I brought you a melon instead, I instantly picked it up to throw at his head if he was telling the truth. Fortunately (for me; I’m a terrible aim), he was not. ‘So what’s with the melon?’ I asked. Apparently McDonalds were giving away free melons to every customer. ‘Oh, that’s weird,’ I mused. Maybe it was some sort of a health thing? You know how they have those fruit bags and carrot sticks? I often wonder how many people actually buy them. These thoughts went on for a good ten minutes before I realised he was laughing at me. Apparently I’m gullible and will believe everything he says. His mum gave him the melon because she didn’t like it.

Am I gullible? Am I an idiot? Maybe decide before I tell you the story about the time he convinced me that taxi drivers can get free fast-food whenever they are on-duty.

In other news; I received a parcel today which was not meant for me. What’s the protocol? It has an address on it, should I deliver it to the person it was intended for? Or take it to the post office? I mean, I’m not a postal worker. I don’t want to step on any toes here. Advice appreciated.

Tomorrow’s blog is going to be about dieting (eek!)


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