A Non-Average Average Day (also known as ‘The One With the Fight).

I’m struggling with what to write today. I’ve had a pretty average day.

But then I realised, that’s exactly what blogs are for – if I can’t document the average, I’ll be waiting a while til something non-average happens to me. And then I’ll probably be too busy to write about it.

And let’s face it, my average days are probably not average for most people. Which makes them not-average at all (and if you followed that logic, ten points to you!)

So today I broke up a fight. I’ll tell you right now, I’m a teacher. I wasn’t planning on letting that slip but I figure people might think I’m a prison guard or something otherwise. I broke up a fight between two large teenage boys (although when you are 5’6”, most teenage boys are large), one of whom clearly had some issue with the other. I came round the corner to find taller boy with weirdly-tanned boy (I don’t know their names, sorry) in a headlock, who was slowly turning purple. ‘Let him go’ I said resignedly. Nope. ‘Let him go NOW.’ I used my teacher voice. He let him go and tanned boy moved away, followed by tall boy, who was now shouting things at him and attempting to hit him. That was the moment I decided to put myself between them. Not sure if it was a wise move but what else could I do? Luckily I was unharmed apart from a flailing arm hitting me on the ear, but still. Not everyone gets to break up fights between people who are bigger than her on an average day at work.

You can call me superwoman now.


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